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                Utilities - I hope these will prove to be very helpful - More coming when I have tested and checked for viruses




The files listed below are download in a Zip File format >>      

          When you download this choice should be displayed


        Select open then   

 select the file in the folder displayed  and double click to run  
Sample of IE display for download











          Remote Support

                Please click the link below and download the file then choose RUN (Do not Save).   This will load a small temporary routine which will enable the remote support session to start only when the security codes supplied have been entered.


               Remote Support File Download     

                                                       Further instructions will given by phone

            The links below provide the option to Download then Save or Run - I recommend that you use RUN as the file can be accessed by each computer for which you wish to obtain this information.

                  Software Licence Extract

                  Password ******** Extract


            This is a Windows program which needs to be installed - FAT32WFormat - A utility to enable Drives (Both Internal And External) to be formatted as FAT32 which is the main format for Windows > Mac > Linux system compatibility - Has been tested and found very helpful as is not limited to a size of 32GB like the windows system, BUT be careful this process is not reversible and will clear the contents of an already formatted drive.

                 FAT32 Format Utility

            For personal use this utility is free - A professional computer audit identifying ALL the information relative to your computer, the installed programs plus the installed and missing windows updates.  Needs installation but provides an accurate and informative record of everything!

              PC System Auditor

       For the experienced computing technician - This utility identifies all the drivers in use on your system and provides a process to list - backup and restore. When upgrading your disk drive due to signs of failure (Usually tasks become unbelievably slow and a disk defrag takes more than 2 hours to complete or reports errors recommending a disk scan).   This routine looks very helpful but as yet is untested - when tested further information will be shown here!


             Next item - coming soon

                 Next item - coming soon