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Each Autumn a number of yachts compete in the hire boat sailing regatta on Barton Broad. Over 30 yachts can take part in this event which includes a series of races in the beautiful surroundings of Barton Broad and a programme of social events covering 3  evenings, culminating in the Regatta dinner and prize-giving.


The regatta is a long established and highly popular event, providing the opportunity for competitive sailing and great company. Participants require a reasonable level of sailing ability, with confidence to handle a yacht in company with others.

My interest is the chance to get a break from everything else and this is brilliant for the photo’s which follow and my love of small boats and the opportunity to help (rescue!) the friends who take part.

I have taken my little boat on to the broads  every year for over 35 years.

There are a number of people who take part each year and now there are places available for new members of this group as unfortunately some of us get older and become unable to continue so some new young (or old) competitors will be more than welcome so please use the link(s) below and register your interest!

The boats are provided by >>>> Eastwood Whelpton Ltd - Upton  and by >>>>>   Martham Boats                            

The date for 2019 is from 5th October

The regatta is sponsored by Waterways Holidays.

Next - if you would like a copy of any of the pictures - Right click and get the file name from properties - for example DSCF1234.jpg - Then e-mail me and I will send you a copy of the original file (Each one is approx 2.5mb so will only get 2 files per e-mail but I will send as many as you request)  The Web pictures are much smaller so that the pages will display reasonably quickly

AND  any pictures you have, can be e-mailed, and will be shown on this page

- Please keep the e-mails to less than 20mb total size -  Send to   Paul @ 77777.co.uk

Start of October - 

Information Pictures until the boats are on the broad - >

Saturday 5th sunny and some wind

Pictures show the pontoon is no longer totally level  <> This has left steps in the walk area - do not trip!. 



The day started with a very light breeze - the wind increased later in the day then it started raining.

Just getting started  > > >

The first race in no particular order

The next group of pictures are Race 2

And now a few from Race 3 - but nothing special

             Camera Batteries ran out so that's all  !!

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  Tuesday pictures follow below     Some sun with an ideal sailing wind.  pictures from first race

 Next   >>>>>>>>   race 2


No pictures from race 3 - I ran off to recover my boat before it started raining - just made it with about 7 seconds to spare!


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   A warm day with a medium wind - Ideal sailing wind thro' day

First pictures - race 1

Next set of pictures show special lunch arrangements!

Race 2 follows

That's all for Wednesday

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Started warm and with a good sailing wind <>  a selection of pictures - just the better ones!

Practice before the start

Morning - Ladies Race

Next the owner's race.      


And now the last bit >> some pictures from the Crew's Race


If you have got this far down the page, thank you for your interest.

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Hoping for more pictures - If you have any please let me know so they can be shared on this page.


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