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      SAILING 2011

Each Autumn a number of yachts compete in the hire boat sailing regatta on Barton Broad. Over 30 yachts can take part in this event which includes a series of races in the beautiful surroundings of Barton Broad and a programme of social events covering 3  evenings, culminating in the Regatta dinner and prize-giving.


The regatta is a long established and highly popular event, providing the opportunity for competitive sailing and great company. Participants require a reasonable level of sailing ability, with confidence to handle a yacht in company with others.

My interest is the chance to get a break from everything else and this is brilliant for the photo’s which follow and my love of small boats and the opportunity to help (rescue!) the friends who take part.

I have taken my little boat on to the broads  every year for over 20 years.

Next - if you would like a copy of any of the pictures - Right click and get the file name from properties - for example DSCF1234.jpg - Then e-mail me and I will send you a copy of the original file (Each one is approx 2.5mb so will only get 2 files per e-mail but I will send as many as you request)  The Web pictures are much smaller so that the pages will display reasonably quickly


Sunday    some practice was gained by a few boats


So windy that first race was delayed  then all sailing was cancelled at at mid-day ~~~~  felt to be too dangerous.  I went fishing on the river north of the broad - caught 2 good sized perch and and the full possible range of sizes of roach - about 40 fish in 2 hours!  Most annoying as kept interrupting my lunch.

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A day which started with strong winds - 2 reefs and then as wind died reefs reduced with only light winds at the end of the day for the 4th race - Starting with the good action shots

Next is a set of pictures showing the broad at the start of Tuesday >>

And next the photo proof that each boat did pass the Neatishead Bouy >>

Next is the Start of the last race of the day - wind has changed through over 90º and now is coming from the North - - - -

And spectator no 1??   

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Wednesday    Started wet with little wind then dried for a while followed by heavier rain for most of the afternoon ~




                   So - First the puzzle - guess which boat ~




No wind just a reflection - not what is indicated by the name



Larger pictures next to show reflections - little wind some of the time


Now a selection of the few pictures I was able to get between the periods of rain

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Thursday - Warm(ish) with a light wind - a selection of pictures follows

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